my equipment

Equipment. Something very important for a content creator.

Since I blog I've used always Nikon. I must have to say that with a Nikon camera you can't go wrong. I love the cameras because they have a very elegant design and are aswell comfortable in your hands. Right now I'm using the Nikon D7200 with my two favourites Sigma lens (18-30mm 1.8 AF and 50mm-100mm 1.8 AF). I'm very happy with the Sigma lens because they make super sharp pictures in AF mode. That's an important thing especially on Instagram because the quality of the images inferior after posting. But with a Sigma lens you have the correct equipment to solve this problem. I like to take videos with a drone or a gimbal for my iPhone but as you can see I didn't have posted that much videos on my socials yet but I will change this. It's crazy how many beautiful shots you can do with a drone. I like to fly by airplane and look outside the window how beautiful our planet is and the same is with the drone. With the DJI Spark you can record epic things. The videos looks so great because of the 4K camera and with the remote controller from DJI you can fly in sport mode up to 50km/h. I mean, how sick is this for your videos? Anyway I have to record some more shots and post them on my socials. After every shooting the editing is always the coolest thing and with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop you can do so nice stuff which work really well on my MacBook Pro. I have my notebook about 2 years and I love it so much to work with. You can take it anywhere you want open it and let your creativity flow. I couldn't imagine working with another notebook.

What kind of music do you like? My whole live I've heard always to music. From the morning till the evening by taking a shower, in the car, at work, during a photoshooting and aswell when I'm writing a blog. My brain can be more focused for something while listening to music. At this moment I'm much more relaxed and can do my stuff with motivation which I get from a song. It gives you positive vibes and you are focused only on one thing and listening to the song in the subconscious. That was a big decision why I bought the

Apple Watch. Every message and calls you can controll without always taking your phone from the pocket. The best thing is to listening music with the Apple Watch because you can connect it with Spotify or Apple Music and listen to every song you want. If you are in the gym this watch will be your best gadget you ever had with the AirPods together!

Last important equipment - My iPhone. Since 3 weeks I have the new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Best thing on this phone is the new triple camera system. On my Instagram I've already posted some wide angle shots because the look of the image is just insane! Also the design with the matt look on the backside of the phone is incredible.

A perfect device for daily using.

This is my equipment for my content. What kind of devices are you using? Let me know!

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