paying safe, comfortable, and efficient

EKSTER SMART WALLETS means quality. The world changed a lot with payment methods and it gets more and more modern. People avoid carrying cash around and wants to pass the days comfortable and safe. Today we can pay by card, phone or even with a smartwatch - all in one. This gives us the possibility to get our stuff even if we forgot our wallet. Easy paying by phone or smartwatch but credit cards will never be out. Whats the question now to be safe and efficient with your money? I recommend you a smart wallet from EKSTER which gives you the chance to stow your credit cards safe with no risks of deceiver which tries to pull off a credit with a card reader. There's aswell enough space for business cards, receipts and of course for cash. EKSTER has something speciall for your smart wallet. They offer you a tracking card which you can stow aswell in your smart wallet in case you'll lose it they give you the chance to track your wallet. If you wanna pass the days in an efficient, comfortable, and safe mode - Do not hesistate to check out and shop your stylish smart wallet.

There's also a discount code for you guys.

Just add to your order the coupon code: ''IANNA27''

Below some pictures of the Ekster Smart Wallet.

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